Token Donation and Conversion Tutorial on the Website

Learn now to donate to the project and thus help keep the server always open.

Welcome Adventurer ! Here we will show you why we are accepting donations in the Hydra project.

Today we want as fans create a spectacular project for all lovers of DF and so we can continue every day delivering a great server à all without any lag and alsoém keep it online, we need to pay all the cost with servers and software used to make this experience come to life. No player is required to donate in order to play, those who make a donation can not only help the server to survive, but also earn a reward called Ogrines that help power your stay within the server or acquire cosmetics.

What are the forms of donation?

Today we have Pagseguro available for the BR community and for other communities we have Paypal.

How Do I Donate?

To make a donation you need to follow the steps below:

 Stage 1 - Log into your website account and click on the Donate button.


Step 2 - Choose one of the available currencies.

 BR - For Real, EU - For Euro and US - For Dollar. 


 Step 3 - Choose the Donation Platform either Pagsegu ro or Paypal. It will be listed in this window. 


Step 4 - Choose which Donation package you want to help the server and mark it. After marking the package, agree to the terms to proceed with the donation process.  Now press the Blue Confirm button. 


Stage 5 -In this step you will follow all the steps that the payment platform requests to confirm your donation to the project.


Stage 6 -After the payment is generated you will either submit a voucher on the tele or send it to your email where you will have a Transaction ID as an example below:


Step 7 - With the ID copied simply confirm the donation on our si te on the Confirm Donation page:

Stage 8 - Ready here alreadyá was confirmed your donationção and with the Received Tokens in your account youê caná Acquire VIP by the site or Convert in ogrines for the Game. Now let's convert these currencies from Tokens to Ogrines in the Game:


Stage 9 - In the Account Management will be listed all the accounts that you have created. And in the row of the account you want to receive the ingame ogrines will have a toke symbol n... by pressing the symbol you will be directed to the next conversion screen.


Stage 10 - Here you can already send tokens to the game and receive Ogrines ingame. It is very important to disconnect all accounts to then make the conversion of tokens. You may lose tokens if you do not log out.


If you need support, you can go to the tab at the top of the support page and follow the steps to contact the server staff.

Have a Good Adventure in the Hydra Kingdom sz 

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